About us

We are G.A.A.F. which stands for the Guerrilla Ant Army Federation. We are a group of volunteers and act as a non-profit organisation only interested in supporting the community. We use art and music, and especially the 4 elements of Hip Hop, to educate the youth about freedom and unity.
We offer a platform to underground artists and activists of different kinds of disciplines to perform together and state their views on life, politics and revolution. Everybody we work with are volunteers doing this to help us in promoting peace, love and unity, and showing the world great things can happen without the need of money or bureaucracy.

We started in 2008 with organising underground hiphop parties in Amsterdam, always combining the four elements, uniting the different parts of Hip Hop that sometimes tend to grow apart, teaching and learning about the roots and origins of the Hip Hop culture. Education and sharing knowledge is the most important step towards unity and independence from money and governments. Each one teach one.
In the following years we have organised many events with a large range of artists from all over the world, from prominent legends to upcoming underground artists. Working together with many different organisations, festivals and venues, the symbol of the ant is becoming very appropriate. Spreading underground and coming up everywhere and expanding contineously together the ants will conquer the elephant.

Most of our Hip Hop parties have been organised in and with a number of social centres operated by the Amsterdam Squat scene. Like us these places like to act autonomously, low-budget and keep it real. In 2012 we started a monthly event in the biggest and oldest of these social centres in the middle of Amsterdam called "De Vrankrijk". Every first Saturday of the month "De Rauwe School" is hosted by Casto who was doing these parties before at the former Hip Hop store "5 Elementz". Every month a different line-up of DJ's and MC's rock the stage and there is an open mic and open breakdance floor for anyone who want to show off his skills.

Next to this we have a Hip Hop cafe every Tuesday and Sunday in the south of Amsterdam with free entrance where people can come to express theirselves in any way they want, meet new people, listen to dope tunes, learn and teach about Hip Hop and organise meetings, demos, parties, etc.

Our next goal is a 2 or 3-days international Hip Hop Festival in the centre of Amsterdam. With different kind of artists from all over the world. Including performances, workshops, masterclasses, food, open mics, graffiti expo's and more. Non-profit and mostly D.I.Y. so it is accessible for anyone and as free as possible. All with the idea of spreading culture and love and teaching people about unity, freedom and alternative and autonomous ways of organising together.

Anyone that is interested in working together or performing in one of our parties, send us an email at gaafcrew@gmail.com.